After checking pulses, to diagnose the bodies systems, Acupuncture helps to release blocked energies through an energy field known as Meridians. These Meridians relate to every organ in the body, giving you an idea of what needs to be witnessed. Using the ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostic tool of the 5 elements, Acupuncture brings balance to body, mind, heart & spirit. Time: 40 minutes / Price: £45.00


Using a blend of aromatherapy essential oils designed especially for you, this full body massage aids relaxation, lymph drainage, and muscular aches & pains. Time: 1 hour / Price: £55.00

Cranial Sacral Therapy

A non-invasive treatment Cranial Sacral Therapy is a beautifully relaxing treatment which allows the body to release physical holding patterns which may result in aches & pains. It is beneficial for headaches, back pain or physical tension. Time: 45 minutes / Price: £60.00

Deep Tissue Massage

Using a series of deep strokes, this deep tissue treatment is excellent for unwinding tired and aching muscles. It is available as a full body treatment or to target specific areas like back, neck and shoulders or legs etc. Time: 1 hour / Price: £60.00


A healing process that works at a very deep level, releasing physical, mental, emotional and nutritional patterns which bind us and hold us in states of dis-ease. Kinesiology can work on any level from physical pain and emotional issues to moving forward in your life. Time: 1 hour / Price: £60.00

Hot Stone Therapy

Using hot and cold stones, La Stone is the original Stone Therapy treatment. Designed to relax the body deeply and encourage detoxification, it is an excellent treatment to target those hard to reach problem areas. Time: 1 hour / Price: £90.00

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a step-by-step way of expanding your life and investing in yourself with skilled help so that you get the most out of it, fulfilling your potential and making things happen where you’ve perhaps previously felt stuck. Time: 1 hour / Price: £60.00

Lymphatic Massage

This treatment consists of deep tissue release massage coupled with lymphatic strokes to encourage lymph drainage at a fluids and cellular level, deepening the detoxification process. It is great for cellulite and fatty tissue. Time: 1 hour / Price: £60.00

Nutritional Therapy

This is time for you to look carefully at your diet and lifestyle with the help of our Nutrionist. By systematically making changes to your existing menu and substituting and supplementing your diet, you can increase your health, energy and vitality in a myriad of ways. Time: 1 hour / Price: £60.00


Reflexology incorporates the whole of the body through the soles of the feet. By stimulating various reflex points and zones, reflexology is a holistic approach which creates harmony throughout body, mind, herat and spirit. Time: 1 hour / Price: £50.00


Hands on healing is probably one of the first healing modalities. Through therapeutic touch the body is given the opportunity to let-go on a very deep level. Dropping into this state of relaxation is where the “seat of health” is, often lying dormant, waiting to be activated. Time: 1 hour / Price: £50.00


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