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“Thoroughly enjoyable experience & I never really felt hungry!”

P.V. Sept. 2010

“Excellent. Would definitely recommend Breathe Detox Retreats to other people.”
R.S. Sept. 2010
“Excellent. Well worthwhile. Learned alot.”
C.A. Sept. 2010
“I am feeling fine now. No more back problem.”
F.S. Sept. 2010
“I acheived a 12lb loss, which was excellent. Breathe Detox Retreats provided everything I wanted or expected.”
J.F. Oct. 2010
“Complete relaxation and a real feeling of “safety”, being cared for by Holly and her excellent team of professionals.”
S.D. Oct. 2010
“Learnt a lot about nutrition, health foods, various treatments and so much more. I am sure it has changed my whole attitude to to eating and my approach to living a better healthier life!”
M.M. Oct. 2010
“Really first rate, interesting, instructive, knowledgeable and brilliantly communicated.”
H.B. Oct. 2010
“Holly really is not only a deeply caring and committed practitioner but also a lovely, warm human being.”
S.C. Oct. 2010
“I would recommend Breathe Detox as a retreat for anyone who wants to learn more about how to live a healthy life.”
G.F. Nov. 2010
“High caliber of therapists.”
R.J. Mar. 2012
“The Breathe Detox Retreats team are totally sufficient all through the course – thoughtful, caring, kind & considerate.”
M.Y. Dec. 2010
“Many Thanks, for giving us a new direction, optimism for the future and a lovely rest.”
L.D. Dec. 2010
“Excellent, value for money. I will definitely spread the word.”
B.D. Dec. 2010
“Good and insightful topics covered. Open to discussion with all of us in helping to plan putting strategies learnt on retreat into practice.”
H.D. Dec. 2010
“Surprised I didn’t feel hungry!”
P.S. Jan. 2011
“I really enjoyed the talks on nutrition and the relaxations”
L.W. Jan. 2011
“I will come back!”
S.D. Jan. 2011
“A supportive place to quit smoking and other habits while detoxing.”
B.N. Jan. 2011
“I rate Breathe Detox very highly and I will definitely recommend.”
J.G. Jan. 2011
“They accommodated for my individual “needs”.”
S.M. Jan. 2011
“My favorite aspects were learning about the best treatments for sports injuries, having quiet time, appreciating the need to relax and proving to myself that I don’t have to be preoccupied with food.”
L.I. Feb. 2011
“Rest, peace in body and mind, being able to be honest when normally I wouldn’t. A very nice team of people, to be remembered!”
S.J. Feb. 2011
“Relaxation, further education, rest and recuperation”
P.O. Feb. 2011
“A calm and restful space. Enabled me to relax and catch up with sleep.”
V.O. Feb. 2011
“Very good well selected team, all of whom are extremely knowledgeable.”
J.P. Mar. 2011
“Very supportive in all aspects – answering all questions and accommodating any special requests.”
H.I. Mar. 2011
“Excellent, informative and well thought out. Covers a really good range of topics for self help healing.”
N.D. Mar. 2011
“Good. Very knowledgeable and approachable.”
K.M. Mar. 2011
M.D. Mar. 2012
“Professional and supportive interactions with all.”
S.C. Mar. 2012


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