yO:gO – Breathe Detox

Holly has developed her own style of “fitness-therapy” exercise using somatic movement and personal development practices.

Based on STRESS and how we hold it in the organs, musculature and structure of the body mind heart spirit. YO:GO begins very simply: RELAX.

In fact, her own scientific based research and findings have shown that our organism – your body – knows intuitively when you have relaxed enough, because something miraculous happens! The body naturally WANTS to exercise. The inner YOU, cannot help but be the best that it can be! It IS our blueprint. It IS our innate wisdom.

The only thing required is to begin to soften the layers of held stress & tension – and LET GO.

When we begin to do this, without being told what to do; or how to move, we can allow ourselves to listen to our bodies and begin to open up to somatic movement.

Somatic Movement is one which is performed consciously with the intention of focusing on the internal experience of the movement rather than the external appearance or result of the movement. (Somatic Movement Center)

Being the BEST, or what I call “Thrival of the fittest”, is something which is innate within each one of us, and the only thing holding us back is: STRESS and the way we choose to respond to it. Or more likely – REACT!

Call it what you will but dis-ease in the body is really only ONE thing. An over accumulation of how we are buckling, armouring and hardening under gravity’s pressure, tension and stress. And there really is only ONE solution: soften, RELAX.

So, if exercise and natural healthy choices are still a chore for you, then there is only one thing left for you to do. Lie down. Let it go. And RELAX.

“Trust me, life and all her challenges, become much, much easier when we soften and RELAX. It really IS that easy. Seriously, do yourself (and everyOne else) a favour and follow your EASE.” – Holly E. Mullin

21 Days to be a Naked Guru:

I know, I know, I’m preaching to the converted.. But not exclusively. I’m sure there are many out there who wish to have the discipline required to create and sustain the level of focus it takes to maintain a daily self-love practice.

And that’s where we come in.

Holly has created a 21 day programme set out in 3 easy steps for you to realise your fullest potential and fulfil your dreams. Become magnetic as you resonate with your own true nature, reflecting Gaia in her awe inspiring radiance and beauty.

STEP ONE: Soften
STEP TWO: Stretch
STEP THREE: Strengthen

It’s SO easy even a baby could do it! In fact babies and small children LOVE it! This programme is for EVERYONE. From the very young to infinity and beyond! Because it’s all about YOU!

Start where you are.
Listen deeply to what you hold.
Let go of what no longer serves you.
And move forward with grace and ease.

Naked Guru suggests:
Follow no-one and no prescriptions.
Everything you need to know is within YOU.
YOU are your OWN Naked Guru and hold the key.
Listen deeply to your own truths & teachings as you unwind.

This is Awakening Medicine. Apply within.
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STEP ONE: Soften

Yep, you guessed it! Step one is THAT easy.

1) The first step to Awakening Medicine is learning to soften, relax, drop into the body and enquire within. All we have to do is relax, unwind and let go. How incredible are our bodies that as we begin to relax and let go we naturally and literally ‘detox’ or ‘let-go’ of everything we’ve been holding on to: synthetic toxic chemicals, negative thoughts & feelings and physical stress & tension.

What makes this process SO amaXing is that innate within each one of us, is the wisdom that KNOWS, when we’ve relaxed enough. Once this deep state of relaxation has occurred, we naturally WANT to start moving our bodies. We WANT to exercise, get fit and thrive.

When we’ve come to FEEL how much stress and tension we’re holding and start to let it go, our bodies will automatically begin to turn the un-balanced tension: tight chest, diaphragm, neck & shoulders etc., into balanced tension: strong core, abdominals, lower back etc.

Tip: Do NOT even attempt to exercise at this point. Gentle movement and shaking is all that is required for now. ONLY begin to stretch when your body can’t resist the ecstasy of moving any longer. If it feels like a chore, you haven’t relaxed enough yet. Don’t panic it will happen, it just may take a little longer.

ALWAYS relax first, for at least 7 days.

NAKED GURU suggests –
Modes & Movements for Step One:
– Grounding
– Shaking Medicine
– Yo:ing (lying down)
– Hypnosis mp3’s
– Meditation/Relaxation
– Harmonic Balancing Sounds
– Nature Sounds
– Chanting
– Long walks
– Prayer
– Gentle flowing movement or dance
– Yo:flo Massage (self massage)
– Self enquiry
– Self parenting
– Deep Breathing – long ‘sigh’ on exhale
– Using sound & colour to resonate and vibrate into blocks – om or hum
– Breath awareness
– Womb Music
– Diaphram Release

yO! Awakening Medicine – The Philosophy PART ONE


The very first step to Awakening Medicine is awakening awareness into the body.

Many spiritual disciplines say: “you are more than your body”. And whilst there is some truth in those words, by negating the body in this way, through sexual shaming etc. (esp. by fundamentalist religion & indoctrination) we begin suppressing ourselves out of our bodies and into our heads.

In particular into our brains, esp. the hind/reptilian brain: the seat of the fight/flight stress response. (see part 2)

In a reactive state of fight/flight, if it is not safe to do either of those, we may freeze.

However, if we are feeling particularly threatened because our “attacker” is actually causing physical harm through touch or violence, we may suppress the stress further by DETACHING mind from body, trying to move away from the touch or pain therefore moving our direct point of awareness fully out of the body and into the brain.

This happens more and more as we age. We play less and communicate more through language as adults. As the ageing process also brings physical limitations or pain, we continue to move even further into the brain and away from the body.

The long term effect of this state is being elderly and in a state of fear, afraid of the body. The legs have become weak, the shoulders are protecting the heart and the back is so bent over – the tipping point is extreme, so there is often accidents.

We have forgotten how to be at ease, in our bodies with the trust that they can carry us.

Further ways we suppress into the brain is through extreme stress responses – over thinking, drugs, medication, alcohol, over/under eating, unconnected sex and pain.

Naked Guru suggests:

– Drop awareness into your centre (hara/tan tien)
– Drop an anchor through your perineum into the floor
– Visualise and move through all the layers of the earth:
– soil, sand, pebbles, rocks, granite, crystal
– underground waterways, rivers, streams
– vast lakes, seas, and oceans (about 1000km)
– hot, wet, damp, steam
– burning, bubbling, volcanic, molten lava (about 600km)
– hot white spinning metal
– plug your anchor into the magnetic core of the earth
– BREATHE and pull this magnetism into your centre. Hold and let go.

yO! Awakening Medicine – The Philosophy PART TWO

Fight/flight: The stress response today is much more complicated than it used to be. In the wild, confronted with a life threatening situation we would either fight or flight – run away. The blood rushes away from the internal organs and into the muscles – primed and ready for action.
As children these two responses were often not appropriate, as our “attacker” may be a parent, school teacher or priest etc. So, we may fight, flight, freeze, detach (mind from body) or tend and befriend (try to make everything “ok” become the pleaser or joker). These days our “threats” tend to be more emotional rather than physical: abandonment, rejection, betrayal, powerlessness, worthlessness, guilt and shame.

The stress response is reactivity literally held in the musculature, fascia, soft tissue, bone and viscera etc. in the body. Reactivity means we can’t stop to think about it, it just happens.
In the wild, once the threat is gone, the animal will SHAKE to discharge the adrenaline and release the tension, therefore moving into life with a feeling of “I’m ALIVE!” As this shaking mechanism is suppressed in us, we end up carrying the stress in our muscles and soft tissues, moving into life with a feeling of “I’m dead!” (Or in big trouble).

Because we carry this tension, rather than ‘let it go’, our stress response further mutates into strange behaviours.
These are classified as:
Feed: over eat/under eat/control or shopping/hoarding/control
Fornicate: overt sexualisation of self or others, sex/masturbation/porn addiction, or low libido/control.

Try and have more awareness of when you feel threatened or triggered. What is the actual threat (eg abandonment)? How do you react or respond? – Both in the immediate reactivity and in your controlled behaviours.

Finally, make everything about YOU: We cannot control another person’s behaviour, and I’m sure we’ve all tried. The only person you can control is yourself and the way you respond or (more likely) react under stress.

Start making everything that happens to you, about you, so you can begin to see clearly the role you play in the dynamic and start using your practice as a way to ‘let go’ of the reactivity you hold in your bodymind.
Reactivity usually happens so fast, we can’t stop it in time. So the change has to occur in between the times of stress – work it out! It’s all about discipline.

This is self-enquiry. Ask yourself questions:
“How am I attracting this to myself?” “How am I creating the drama?” “What part am I playing in the dynamic?” “What is the threat?” “How do I feel?” “What is this feeling?”
Get specific – write it down.

yO! Awakening Medicine – The Philosophy PART THREE

The Squeeze Point:
When we feel stress, shock, tension or trauma in the body, our body reacts by re-coiling and contracting into a squeeze.
This can happen due to bad postural habits, toxic foods, sedentary lifestyle, negative thought patterns and all conventional medical practices: cut, burn, poison.

When we squeeze we cut off what is needed to feed our cells: oxygen, hydration, fluids, nutrients, energy, light, blood supply and eventually we cut off the love supply. We become grumpy, fed up and tired.
There are literally 100’s of squeeze points throughout the body – in the structure, musculature and viscera. Where do YOU hold yours?

The Trinity:
In order to maintain balance in our lives it helps to remember these 3 things:

1) 80/20 – Make 80% of your diet alkaline / 20% acid.
This also includes:
80% relaxation / 20% tension
80% fun / 20% drama
80% calm / 20% hectic
And so on. This 80/20 dynamic means to make an effort to create the majority of your lifestyle as alkaline, cool, calm and collected, however you need the 20% acid so that you fully appreciate when everything is calm.

2) Tipping Point – 80/20 IS the tipping point. Anymore either way or you will TIP off-balance. We need to maintain our tipping point so that we don’t overdo things. However, most of us do not know when too much is more than enough. This is because acidic substances affect us accumulatively. So, we have to detox and let go as the first step. Then, when we reintroduce the acids we feel that even a little bit of these substances is usually more than enough and can easily stop. Listen to your body’s wisdom.

3) Balanced Tension – This is more relevant to the 2nd and 3rd Step; however we must introduce it here. The body is full of un-balanced tension e.g. bad postural habits, tight diaphragm, weak lower back, tight neck and shoulders etc. When we start to unwind, relax and let go something amazing happens. The body naturally wants to move itself in to a state of balanced tension, and you will naturally begin to stretch and strengthen.

Naked Guru suggests:
Find out where you hold your squeeze points: intestines, heart, lungs, back, neck etc.
Look at your 80/20 balance. Do YOU need to detox to see your accumulated toxic stress?

yO! Awakening Medicine – The Philosophy PART FOUR

C1: C1 is the first cervical vertebrae in the spine.

The spinal column is important in any branch of Yoga, as it is the support structure of the skeleton and together with the ribs not only protects our vital organs, it also houses the spinal cord , from which ALL nerves and their branches stem.

Throughout my 22 years at a Holistic Therapist, with close observation of the human structure and form, using observational techniques such as sight, touch, sound and feeling through intuition and sixth sense abilities – it became obvious that it is in the spine that we first begin to compress down.

Through the vertebral column we create stress and tension in the form of wear and tear on the inter-vertebral discs, nerve damage, osteo dis-eases, calcification and eventually mal-formation of the bones.

What I find fascinating is through having an understanding of a relaxed and aligned lying down posture, the most comfortable and less taxing or stress inducing way to lie down: is on a firm, supported base (such as the floor) where the spine, neck and head can all remain perfectly aligned.

Babies and very young children, unless dis-abled, are born with the blessing of perfect posture. Though on close inspection of babies, when they go to sleep, they almost always turn their head to one side – out of alignment.

Now, this does not seem synonymous with this perfect spine design.

By understanding the nature of stress and how we ‘hold it’ as tension/compression in the body – it seems a clear indication, that even before we can walk and talk, or even begin to take on the strain of gravities pressure, we somehow feel unsupported. Not getting our needs met adequately, we begin to “shut down” even at this very young age.

The first few ways that we begin to hold tension as a baby (not including the myriad of ways that we may have held it in our mother’s womb: her fears, worries, anxiety and stress from various life factors, including though not exclusive to other children, partner and family/friends) are predominately ‘held’ in C1 and the gut (see more about the gut in Part 16).

So, even before we have the structure and form to stand and hold our own head – we are already shutting down and in many cases, eventually ‘lock down’ in C1.

Many ancient tribes and cultures understand the importance of not only keeping this “trust centre” open in its natural state – I believe they also experience far more sophisticated dimensions and realms of existence by opening and aligning this centre more and more, with tribal adornments such as neck rings.

This is known as 5th Dimension Tribal Consciousness. We begin to open this centre with one of the only set moves in yO:gO – yO:ing, aka the yO !

yO! Awakening Medicine – The Philosophy PART FIVE


So for those of you wondering “what really IS the essence (or the point) of AM?”

In a nutshell: To bring the body into a state of weightlessness, so that stress falls through the structure of the bodymind, instead of getting stuck – and therefore force down via gravity, in a state of unbalanced tension – mental, emotional, physical dis-ease.

Essentially you could say AM’s roots are in Tai Chi or Qi Gong and this would be somewhat true. However, it is VERY different in that there really is no set agenda or prescribed physical exercises. However, if you feel stuck and don’t know where to start there is always a “way in” – the set moves & quick balancers.

Our bodies are in a state of compression. This is due to GRAVITY, habitual POSTURES and physical or emotional STRESS. We are literally squeezing ourselves into a downward force, atrophying, calcifying, hardening and literally armouring ourselves up – ready for a war which you’re waging with yourself!

This state of compression starts when we are very young. In fact you can even say we begin holding our parental stress from the point of conception and in particular our mother’s tension for the gestation period we are in the womb.

Babies learn very early on how to begin to ‘shut down’ and detach mind, from a body which isn’t getting it’s needs met, and very quickly ‘lock down’ in C1 – the first cervical vertebrae (see Part Four).

So, the whole spinal column as well as the muscles either side, lower back, hips, buttocks, legs and feet – as well as neck, shoulders, head and face begin to tighten, harden, and ‘lock into’ habitual muscular or fascial tightened bodily postures. Not to mention the skin, internal organs, electromagnetics and biochemical exchanges of absorption and distribution – or lack thereof.

EVERY aspect of bodymindheartspirit feels the squeeze – lack of blood flow/LOVE flow.

The human potential is weightlessness. To be literally suspended betwixt two magical forces – Up-thrust (to hold you up) and Gravity (to pull you down).

This state of de-compression takes total present moment body awareness.

Naked Guru suggests:
– re-read about The Squeeze
– lie down, rest and relax deeply
– think about how/where YOU hold YOURS
– total Present Moment Awareness (Part Twelve)


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