Yogo – Breathe Detox

Holly has developed her own style of therapy based exercise and personal development practice, based on STRESS and how we hold it in the organs, musculature and structure of the body mind heart spirit. So, YOGO begins very simply: RELAX.

In fact, her own scientific based research and findings have shown that our organism – your body – knows intuitively when you have relaxed enough, because something miraculous happens! The body naturally WANTS to exercise. The inner YOU, cannot help but be the best that it can be! It IS our blueprint. It IS our innate wisdom.

Being the BEST, or what we call “Thrival of the fittest”, is something which is innate within each one of us, and the only thing holding us back is: STRESS and the way we choose to respond to it. Or more likely – REACT!

Call it what you will but dis-ease in the body is really only ONE thing. An over accumulation of how we are buckling, armouring and hardening under gravity’s pressure, tension and stress. And there really is only ONE solution: RELAX.

So, if exercise and natural healthy choices are still a chore for you, then there is only one thing left for you to do. Let it go. Lie down. And RELAX.

“Trust me, life and all her challenges, become much, much easier when we soften and RELAX. It really IS that easy. Seriously, do yourself a favour and follow your EASE.” – Holly E. Mullin


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