Our Juices – Breathe Detox


Our Juices are made with the finest, full bodied, organic fruit and vegetables available. Many other detox retreats choose to water down and dilute their juices significantly. Some detox retreats even dilute up to as much as 80% water and only 20% juice.

At Breathe Detox Retreats and Spa we want our guests to enjoy the most optimum and prime nutrition available through our healthy juice cleanse cocktails.In our culture most of us have more than enough to eat, however, due to the refinement, additives, preservatives, shipping, handling and even down to the soil they are grown in, many of these foods are deficient in prime nutrients. This leaves the nutrition that is readily available at an all time low, and for this reason many westerners may even be in a state of malnutrition.

By juicing and removing the fiber, or bulk, of the vegetable, it allows easy assimilation of the nutrients. This encourages your body to receive the full “hit” of available nutrition in every juice, down to the last drop.


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