Nutrition – Breathe Detox


At Breathe Detox we have had over 20yrs experience in nutrition, from growing organic food to studying it! We feel that food quality and preparation play a major part in our overall health. This is why we recommend a Nutrional Consulation and Food Intolerance Testing session with Claire, our resident Nutrionalist.

Even though each one of us has an individual metabolism and make-up, basic nutritional principles are generally the same. This is how Nutritional Therapy can help you. Learning these basic nutritional foundations can have major life changing effects in overall health, energy levels, vital life force and radiance.

Hydration, alkalization, and correct oil intake are very significant in our day-to-day diet, among other important aspects.

All this is particularly accentuated now due to our modern, comparatively denatured lifestyles and diet – very different from even just 100 years ago.

Re-educating our palate and truly nourishing our bodies (minds hearts spirits) is a valuable journey. Such a step can enable us to live more fully, allowing better functioning, with a more vibrant, happier feeling for life.


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