Kinesiology – Breathe Detox

Detox Retreat


Included in the price of your Breathe Detox Retreat is a chat and/or consultation with Holly. Using the power of muscle testing we communicate with the un-conscious mind to find out what is holding you back or keeping you stuck in your daily life.

Where do you need to make changes in your life? Where do you feel stuck or stagnation? Is it a physical pain and/or emotional holding pattern? Confused about your best next step towards your optimal health or life challenges?

Kinesiology aka – muscle testing or dowsing can help to get you and your life back on track by pinpointing the exact surface issue that needs to be looked at and addressed. We will then find a simple balancing technique, which is decided by YOU for you. This can be used just once or added to your daily practice both on retreat and when you return home.

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