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The Detox Process is all about letting go, releasing old patterns in our lives and ourselves which no longer serve us and hold us back. All disease begins and ends in the colon, it is the seat of health and wellness.

These aspects can be found in the body as physical tension and holding patterns, excess weight, toxic material held in the colon, toxins held within the cells and negative thoughts & feelings. In order to move forward and let go of these it is important, in fact necessary, to “re-set” the bodies systems. This can only be obtained through the process of emptying the body-mind, and allowing us to witness what is.

At Breathe Detox Retreats uk and Spa we believe this process should be approached with loving care of your body, mind, heart and spirit. Our 5 day colonic and juice cleanse weightloss retreat, provides you with everything you need to approach this process in style, comfort, luxury and ease. We give you everything you’ll need to dive deeply into this process with peace of mind, during your stay, and leave you with the tools to continue this process once you return home, full of health.


Tree Sisters is a new charity we are supporting, here at Breathe Detox Retreats. We want to make a difference on the Earth, not just for our generation, but for our children and our children’s children. By funding the re-foresting of new trees in the tropics we can feel confident that we off-set the carbon footprint created by our company and by you, our guests, when you travel to us.
Tree Sisters  aims to create awareness of the degradation of the sacred feminine & how this is reflected in how we treat our mother earth. By joining us, you also support this life giving cause.

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