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Here at Breathe Detox health spa retreat, every day we gather as a group to discuss the fine art of health and wellness and the importance of detox.

On your juice detox holiday, we do not want to blind you with science or bore you with the do’s and don’ts of diet, when most of us already know what is and isn’t good for our bodies already. We choose to give our informative talks in bite sized chunks so that it may be easily assimilated.

Holly’s specific area of interest is the science of STRESS. How do we carry it? Where do we hold it? How do we “let it go”?

We take what we have learned over the past 22 years, of hands on experience, and we give you ideas of how to create, sustain and maintain optimum health. We deliver our informative talks as succinctly and simply as possible, with passion and flare, so you leave your detox weight loss retreat feeling inspired, with an innate understanding and full body knowledge.

Because we want you to feel supported in moving forward you will also leave our uk health retreats with a 30 Day Optimum Health & Wellness Detox Programme. This has a written overview of everything we’ve covered on your detox retreat and what to do next to continue on your journey to optimum health after you leave.
Detox to de-stress your life: part 3.
Most stress responses in the body are re-active and unconscious patterns. The very nature of re-activity means “we have no control” – it just happens.
In a stressed body picture reactivity may look like anything from a head or stomach ache to irregular heartbeat, eczema, asthma, allergies, anger, depression, low self-esteem and more. Much more.
In fact many of us are living in a stress response, most of the time – and when we begin to unwind the very complicated health/stress picture that is YOUR bodymindheartspirit, then we are living less challenging and more abundant and magnetic lives.
Physical stress is structural and muscular, organs and systems as well as nutritional and bi-chemical. Emotional and mental stress includes how we react in relation to other people’s behaviours and HOW that makes us feel: the trigger – which will always also be activated in the physical body, and will cause a myriad of emotional felt response like anxiety or sadness.
Any projected fear – which may be experienced either internally or externally will always result in a physical contraction we refer to as “squeeze point”. The squeeze point, holds the body in freeze mode whether that is in the buttocks & anus or small & large intestine etc.
Squeeze points happen all over the body, and cut off the blood supply to wherever the contraction is happening eg lungs, stomach, spleen etc. A squeeze point on a nutritional level will be laying down fat and cholesterol as well as accumulation of toxicity in the physical squeeze, usually due to – nigh almost ever: a negative thought or feeling triggered in reactivity to felt projections onto people we love or want to be seen and loved by.
Our “Felt Projections” are essentially our own perception of reality based on our experience from conception, womb, birth and the first 2 years of life (see parts one and two).
Of course every experience we have will create an imprint on our 3rd dimensional reality as a human being. For instance; each time you experience pain or lose someone close esp. a child or partner, will further create and complicate your perceived reality and perceptions, however the earliest imprints were experience primarily as a felt sense; before we understood language: pre verbal – and this will be our predominate day to day relationship compass and how we perceive reality.
When we cut off the blood supply to these body parts, due to the many ways in which we experience stress emotionally and physically – we are cutting off the nourishment to the cells.
The blood brings everything required by the cell: oxygen, hydration, nutrients, pH balance, energy, vitality & light. As the blood holds the deep nourishment – I like to say “when YOU bring the blood, YOU bring the LOVE” back to the area of stagnation, squeeze point, contraction – dis-ease.
In fact hundreds and thousands of cells which make up that particular organ or part thereof, which is in squeeze, will become your areas of weakness where toxicity and acidity begin to accumulate either laying down fat or accumulating a pathological problem resulting in many different levels of dis-ease in the body.
This of course both stems from and further activates the emotional and mental bodies as well as creating stress on the spirit, energy and electromagnetic level.
Imagine this: a new born baby. Soft and warm. Open and flexible. Completely vulnerable and totally trusting in life to have her needs met. The cellular structure in this new life is open and warm – nothing but trust – unless there is a feeling of dis-ease (lack of food, cold, change, love – colic) then programmed to scream until needs met: Known needs. Intuitive feeling.
The screams from this new born’s feelings of lack, begin to lay down as accumulated stress patterns through the whole of our bodymindheartspirits. These squeeze points further accumulate awkward body postures, nutritional intolerances, inflammation, emotional fears, wounded inner child, toxicity and before you know it – after a number of decades the body is showing signs of aging: and dis-ease.
So, what was once open, soft and warm, intuitive knowing and magnetically meeting of our needs in an abundant universe – has now become hardened down, weakened, low energy, no vitality, lack mentality, and flat-lining: blocked meridians, low frequency auras, torn subtle bodies, burnt out energies, no electrolytes in the cells, lack of vibrational resonance/radiance.
Many seek out conventional medicines which create more stress and further complicate the health picture with: cut, burn, poison techniques.
Now, people always say: “No one’s getting out of here alive!” And that could be true. But there is a choice in how you want to go. Do you want to just keep accumulating further stress and tension on all these different levels? Or do you want to: go, Go, GO!
We can see how every level is only ever an expression of every other level, so all we need to do is find a level and begin to detox, destress and unwind our tired bodymindheartspirits.
The quickest and easiest way to do it is just begin.
Try this: Start where you are. There’s no hurry and it’s not a competition. Drink more pure water. Get more rest. Eat clean. Bio-available. Nutrient dense. Food. Go organic. Elimination diet. Detox and colon cleanse. Have a good cry. Move your body. Feel your triggers. Listen to your mind. Become the observer. Question everything. Become the Experiment. Enquire within.


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