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Breath Detox and The Five Elements

Earth: Breathe Detox Retreats is set within the 368 square miles of magnificent English countryside. Here in the Dartmoor National Park we are very close to nature. This stunning location lends itself to our detox retreats in the uk, with wonderful walks around the grounds, whatever the season. We try and connect with the earth element by enjoying our best yoga detox retreat and chi gong exercises outside when possible.

Air: Many of our guests come to us from a city environment, such as London, where the quality of oxygen in the atmosphere is greatly reduced. The beauty of the rolling Devon countryside on Dartmoor is one of the few areas of outstanding natural beauty left in England. The air is so pure here a special fungus grows abundantly on many of the trees, called lichen. Lichen is nature’s own indicator of polluted or pure air and will only grow where the air is of high quality with few or no pollutants lending itself well to detox breathing.

Fire: Keeping as warm as possible is a key benefit on any detox retreat in uk. The house has a beautiful, cosy and warm open  fire, which heats the whole of the communal space within our juice retreat. The fire can remain lit at all times to give comfort and warmth even on the coldest of days. Take time also, to enjoy getting hot to the core in the sauna available in the detox and spa retreat facilities.

Water: Living water which is distilled is the most optimum type of water for your body. Appropriate water consumption is one of the most important influences in life and particularly at your fasting retreat uk. As we are situated in the beautiful Dartmoor hills, pure spring water is abundant. Here we have the luxury of natural spring water being piped directly into the house where we energise, distill and allow it to breathe, before it comes to you on your luxury health retreat – ready for drinking. In this perfect state it is ready to be fully absorbed into your cells, hydrating you: body, mind, heart and spirit.

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