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Breath Detox and The Five Elements

Earth: Breathe Detox Retreats is set within the 368 square miles of magnificent English countryside. Here in the Dartmoor National Park we are very close to nature. This stunning location lends itself to our detox retreats in the uk, with wonderful walks around the grounds, whatever the season. We try and connect with the earth element by enjoying our best yoga detox retreat and chi gong exercises outside when possible.

Air: Many of our guests come to us from a city environment, such as London, where the quality of oxygen in the atmosphere is greatly reduced. The beauty of the rolling Devon countryside on Dartmoor is one of the few areas of outstanding natural beauty left in England. The air is so pure here a special fungus grows abundantly on many of the trees, called lichen. Lichen is nature’s own indicator of polluted or pure air and will only grow where the air is of high quality with few or no pollutants lending itself well to detox breathing.

Fire: Keeping as warm as possible is a key benefit on any detox retreat in uk. The house has a beautiful, cosy and warm open  fire, which heats the whole of the communal space within our juice retreat. The fire can remain lit at all times to give comfort and warmth even on the coldest of days. Take time also, to enjoy getting hot to the core in the sauna available in the detox and spa retreat facilities.

Water: Living water which is distilled is the most optimum type of water for your body. Appropriate water consumption is one of the most important influences in life and particularly at your fasting retreat uk. As we are situated in the beautiful Dartmoor hills, pure spring water is abundant. Here we have the luxury of natural spring water being piped directly into the house where we energise, distill and allow it to breathe, before it comes to you on your luxury health retreat – ready for drinking. In this perfect state it is ready to be fully absorbed into your cells, hydrating you: body, mind, heart and spirit.

How to live & love a detox lifestyle this Summer!
The Art of Relaxation is the key to softening and opening cellular structures and holding patterns of accumulated stress in the body.
We accumulate tension in many different ways from poor postural habits and cellular toxicity to emotional stress, old mental drivers and more.
These negative habits and patterns when left unconscious, continue to accumulate and create hardening down & armouring by atrophying & calcifying the bodymindheartspirit.
This simple art of letting go, when practiced with awareness every day, will help you to move from day to day stressors, family stress patterns, tense body postures etc. and begin to release built up cellular toxicity and cholesterol held in and around the veins, arteries, organs, muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones.
The body is a living organism. And as simple as may seem, we literally only require some very basic principles in order to THRIVE and not just survive.
1) Guided hypnosis or meditation: in my experience there is something fundamentally necessary in the process of allowing yourself to be guided. I meet a lot of people who feel that because they already have a daily practise of yoga and/or mediation, that they can “opt out” of this practice. However, surrendering to someone else’s guidance can help you into a more receptive state. If this is difficult for you, begin to observe how, when and why you are resistant to this process. Listening to hypnosis can not only help you to drop deep/disappear to aid muscle relaxation, it will also imbed positive messages into the psyche helping you to move through self-sabotaging behaviours. Try: giving up substances, releasing negativity, setting boundaries, opening the heart, allowing yourself to love and be loved etc.
2) Gentle Exercise: If you have lost the natural instinct or “urge” to exercise – then you, my friend are too up tight! No, seriously. What I mean is that due to the various mental, physical, emotional and bio-chemical stressors throughout daily life, and as a result of “holding” the stress hormones instead of “shaking” it off – the body lays down patterns of hardened tissue, the mind is forced into the hind or reptilian brain. Many people these days are living predominately in this “fight/flight/freeze” stress response/reactive patterns. The nature of reactivity means you have no conscious control and cannot stop yourself from going into these patterns. This may be an obvious anger or other outburst or it may be subtle body expressions such as pain, eczema, asthma etc. Or even completely beyond conscious awareness as internal body inflammation for example caused by leaky gut – thyroid, adrenals or inability to absorb nutrients through the colon wall etc. First step – RELAX. The exercise will soon follow, after a s.t.r.e.t.c.h.
3) Detox: Choosing to eliminate toxic foods that create cellular stress and/or leaky gut is an important step in moving beyond this accumulated toxic build up in the body. The nature of accumulation is that is doesn’t happen all at once. Which means it starts when we’re very young and parents or carers begin to give us a milky tea/coffee, a spoonful of ice cream or a small “treat”. If as babies we were allowed to go crazy with bags of sugary sweets – we’d soon see the distress this puts on a bodymindheartspirit. As we start with just a little, it’s less obvious – though keeps us wanting more. And before you know it – you’re an adult drinking 10 cups of coffee a day and living from one sugar high to the next. This “feed response” is also a stress reactive pattern, moving from one instant oral gratification to the next. Keeping you “hooked” into poisons which are doing more harm than good and the root cause of all dis-ease.
4) Supplements: Certain herbs and supplements can help the body to adapt to the conditions of stress. These are known as adaptagens. Ayurveda herbs such as Gotu Kola and Ashwaganda alongside western herbs such as Lemon Balm, Passion Flower and Hops found in Zhou Nutritions Calm Now capsules act as a calming nerve tonic to soothe tired body’s and mind’s. Another great way to help detox and cut down on over-eating, is to add superfoods to your diet. Superfood powders such as Raw Cacao, Maca and Mesquite are so packed full of nutrients that they act as an appetite suppressant. It’s the brain – not the belly that has the switch off mechanism required to stop eating. Yet it can only do this when we’ve had enough nutrients. By adding these super foods to a daily smoothie you will be feeding your brain and you will naturally want to eat less.
5) Hydrate: Water is the number one requirement for healthy, open and freely moving body systems. It will help aid all body processes – which require fluids to function optimally. Find a good source of pure water without plastics or cleaning agents. I recommend buying a water distiller for great water every day. And don’t forget to add a good oil like flax or chia to aid the process.
The health/stress picture is complicated. It can be made easier by simply going back to nature. Look at how you complicate your life and compromise your health by what you put IN and ON your bodymindheartspirit.
Set yourself FREE. Only YOU can do it. CHOOSE a detox diet and lifestyle for better overall health this summer.

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