Breathe Detox Retreats UK offers comfortable accommodation

“I love the rooms!” Said one of our successful and satisfied guests.

We do too!

Each room has its very own individual character and charm. 

A unique blend of Victoriana chic & vintage ‘projects’, some still in need of up-cycling or something (anyone? – we also do swaps!), DFS showroom with a splash of the east, a dash of the Middle East and a soup son of the Far East and Asia.

This is a portrait of true eccentric British, hippy, bohemian chic at its shabbiest and comfortable best.

The best thing about it is – it’s REAL. And so are WE.

And this is about US getting REAL with YOU and taking it #realtime.

This is US. This is life.. And it is GOOD. 

(and YOU won’t find an ounce of masculine executive hard lines here; though ALL rooms are a distinctive miX of yin|yang, non-binary and welcome all fluid genders.)

A gentle cross between genuine craftsmanship and authentic feminine curves of the furniture, original art works and soft furnishings which adorn each room.

Well enough away from the pre-fabricated of executive dream you find in most hotels and b&b’s these days. 

If you’re really lucky, you might even find a little piece of nature has swept herself inside your room through cracks and open windows. Birds, flies, spiders etc. And if YOU do – just remember the woman who swallowed a fly – I don’t know why?! Lol.  

The Court is on the edge of Nature. 

It’s the road where man and deep nature meet. 

Within a short walking distance you will find yourself in an SSI (Site of Specific Scientific interest). The Deer Park itself is full of tracks both well-worn and off the beaten path. Where simple streams meet woodland and wildlife – wide rivers, wild swimming holes & salmon leaps.

Or explore further afield and drive to the moor and more woodland walks within easy reach. 

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