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    Leave our Detox Retreat feeling lighter refreshed and full of energy

    Holly is a personal trainer in somatic movement and ecstatic dance, a detox expert and lifestyle coach. She has exclusively been a holistic practitioner and shamanic healer for more than 22 years.
    Training mainly in London and the South West her extensive portfolio of studies include:
    Swedish massage
    Deep tissue techniques
    Ayurvedic Massage
    La Stone therapy
    Facial Therapy
    Bio Stress Release
    Spinal Touch
    Touch for Health
    CranioSacral Therapy
    Body De-armouring
    Shaking Medicine
    Ecstatic Movement Facilitator
    She found Breathe Detox in 2007 and has been trading consecutively ever since, running her detox retreats.
    “After running luxury retreats for 12 years, I finally realized – guess what?! Detox is for EVERYONE, not just the few (who can afford it).
    So our main aim is to offer comfortable, affordable, transformational teaching and life changing retreats for up to and over £400 – £600 cheaper than our closest competitors – whilst we are refurbishing our latest premises.
    But, I get it – £750 (our cheapest price for your own room / £550 to share) is still a lot of money, so if you genuinely require a bursary, please ask as we have room options open to offers.
    This is why we’re NOW open all hours: to house everyone with their own dates, length of stay and quality of room.”
    2 singles, the pink twin, 3 doubles, baths, showers and shared, there’s something for everyone’s price range – with savings for a few more extra treatments – and man, what a view!
    So why not join us at The Court for Yogo, b&b, detox, retreats, food, fasting, education and FUN!
    Workshops, movement, meditation, discussion, relaxation, rejuvenation, presentations, recreation, walking, healing, therapies, peace & quiet, music & dancing, nature, connection, prevention & CURE.



    The rooms themselves are a comfortable yet quirky combination of seriously shabby quintessentially English chic, a colourful flare of ethnicity & clashing patterns, a touch of tres chic crumpled cotton, natural woods and materials. (This is not an exec heaven.)

    Breathe Detox Retreats are having an exciting NEW re-launch!

    That’s right, we’re changing the way we do things around here, and that starts with a whole NEW venue!

    Still situated in the Heart of Devon, on the edge of Dartmoor, our NEW location and accommodation is NOW OPEN – ALL YEAR ROUND!


    For at least the next six months Holly is opening her private residence, home and studio for old guests & new – the Breathe Detox friends & family – to enjoy her new and improved bespoke detox retreat programme. A few lucky individuals will also have the opportunity to share in her wifi free zone and have a powerful digital detox. This is an exclusive opportunity to enjoy a very intimate, up-close and personal detox retreat – to really go deep into your health/stress picture, and get things MOVING with EASE.


    You will start your detox journey with a personalized one-2-one consultation with Holly to get really CLEAR now and gain further clarity on how to MOVE FORWARD.

    This FREE consultation is included in the price of your detox retreat and will include among other things: a look at your detox history, health picture, stress issues, physical, mental or emotional blocks, where or how you feel stuck and how to move forward, using simple Kinesiology protocols to bring YOU into balance.

    Do YOU feel tired? Low? Slow? Unmotivated? Uninspired?


    Do YOU feel confused? Questioning? Unclear? Bloated? Blocked?


    Are YOU at ease or dis-ease? Confident? Relaxed? Driven? Enjoy life?

    Our experience of LIFE is a direct reflection of how we ARE and how we FEEL throughout our body mind heart spirit.

    These aspects of US are separate and yet cannot be separated. They are different and yet the same. Conventional medicine has programmed us to see ourselves in a state of separation and dis-connection. It rarely understands the inter-connectedness of everything – least of all our SELVES and how every aspect of our SELF is not only deeply connected but inextricably, completely and totally undivided.

    In a nut shell: how we FEEL in our body IS a reflection of our mind, heart and spirit.
    But what’s beautiful about US is: the body is TANGIBLE.
    We can touch it. We can hold it. We can activate it. We can BREATHE into it. We can eat right or send light and vibrations. We can condition it. In SO many loving and nourishing ways.
    The body IS consciousness.

    It is BOTH the conscious AND the deep unconscious.
    It will tell YOU everything you need to know about yourself – but, are YOU listening?
    The GUT in particular has been referred to as the second brain. It is the FEELING brain. You may even THINK you are ‘fine’ yet your dealing with cramps, pain, nausea, constipation, IBS, leaky gut etc.
    By joining us on a Breathe Detox Retreat we can help YOU to shed light on what’s stuck and not flowing with ease. The health/stress picture is complicated – but ONLY because we’ve made it that way. We put food and substances, thoughts and feelings and stagnant lifestyles, that don’t resonate with PURE HEALTH into our bodies minds hearts and spirits and wonder why we aren’t reflecting PURE HEALTH.
    Your life reflects your health. Let’s bring YOU back to a state of EASE. Join us today. 0845 548 0034

    NEW for 2019 – add an extra night and learn RAW and WHOLE FOOD preparation, eating and enjoying! Please ask for details.

    INVEST IN YOUR HEALTH – The most important investment you’ll ever make.

    What makes Breathe Detox and weight loss retreats so unique?

    On your Breathe Detox health retreat you will of course receive all the usual Nutritional advice and cutting edge alternative health news and reviews – but what makes a Breathe Detox and meditation retreat different?

    Change? It ALL starts with YOU!

    Here at Breathe Detox retreats, our main focus is: STRESS.

    These days everybody’s talking about it! Yep, STRESS is the new “buzz word”!

    But what is STRESS? What does it mean to be STRESSED? How do we hold STRESS in our bodies? And how do we “let IT go”?

    So, what do we know about STRESS?

    The nature of STRESS is accumulative degeneration.

    First the CELL. Then a group of CELLS. Then a collection of CELLS which make up a part or (eventually) the whole of an organ, system or function – is affected by this accumulative stress.

    Eventually the result is reactive stress patterns which the host has little or no control over, and the body mind heart spirit begins behaving in unusual and often “sick” or unhealthy ways.

    The Result? An accelerated aging process.

    Accelerated aging can be anything from the skin not looking and feeling toned and well hydrated; to deeper hidden dehydration of the lungs, gut, heart and brain function.

    These are 4 of the main organs and glands which are victim to the accumulative nature of stress: oxidative stress & toxicity, unexpressed emotions & reactivity, postural misalignment & overt mental activity, are all contributing factors to a body buckling under gravity’s pressure.

    Detox IS letting go.

    So at our detox retreat uk, Holly has developed a whole new programme designed to help YOU relax, let go, detox and de-stress.

    Her NEW therapy is based on the science of stress: how we HOLD it, how we ACCUMULATE it and how it turns into DIS-EASE throughout the body mind heart spirit.

    She explains in simple terms about the nature of stress, what it means to release it and how to “let go”.

    In 3 easy steps and 21 days, Holly believes it is possible to completely CHANGE your body, your sense of self and your LIFE!

    Step One – Soften | Relax | Detox

    The first step is easy: soften and relax allowing the body to release and let go.

    The health/stress picture is complicated.

    Stress is held within us on many different levels including (but not exclusive to) the physical, structural, cellular and biochemical.

    The very nature of DETOX is letting go – softening and opening the structure of the cells, to release free radicals, hydrate, oxygenate and alkaliZe.

    Relax, Retreat, Rest & Rejuvenate

    When we relax, let go, retreat, rest and rejuvenate at a health retreat – our body naturally begin to detoxify and eliminate – not only toxins but also negative thoughts & feelings as well as physical stress & tension.

    Everyone has a range of addictions and dependencies which hold you back and keep you STUCK.

    In excess these toxins are like poison in the body mind heart spirit and create havoc. Everything from pain and inflammation to mood swings and low self-esteem are all after effects of a biochemical war fare on the body.

    Breathe Detox IS Anti-Aging:

    In the last 5 years, we’ve learned MORE about the health of the human body, than EVER before.

    Now, for the first time, we are finally realising what is takes to truly NOURISH the body mind heart spirit.

    When we accumulate nourishing chi (energy) v/s depleting chi (energy) with damaging substances – something amazing happens. We no longer feel “sick and tired”.

    We feel vibrant, energiZed and alive. Full of LIFE clarity, purpose and passion.

    Cellular Regeneration

    The human potential is far far greater than most people can so far imagine. And there really is only one way to experience it in your lifetime – experiment with yourself. Cellular regeneration is a reality and this is anti-aging the natural way.

    Invest in your SELF. Invest in your HEALTH.

    Pure nature IS true science.


    “For me optimum health HAS to be easy. In the 20 years I have spent as a Holistic Therapist I have deduced it down to one simple equation: movement = wellness & ease | stagnation = illness & dis-ease.” Holly E. Mullin


    To create CHANGE outside yourself, ALL you need to do is: create change INSIDE yourself.

    Latest Dates

    Next Retreat 28th July, 2019

    Please contact for more details

    Everyone has a range of addictions and dependencies. Some are worse than others, but they all hold you back from creating and maintaining your optimal health and wellness.
    Low vibrational frequencies such as:


    Everything from inflammation and physical pain to mood swings and low self-esteem are the side-effects of acidic substances, density and hardening down in the soft tissue of the body along with gravities pull.

    In excess these substances, constrictions, addictions and acids are like poison to the body mind heart spirit and create havoc on many different levels, creating further stress and tension such as:

    Fat & cholesterol build-up
    Nutritional intolerances
    Structural imbalance
    Muscular aches
    Cellular toxicity
    Visceral pain
    Low Energy

    Acidic thoughts and feelings – left unexpressed can also have a toxic effect on the physical body, creating further erosion and corrosion causing healthy cells to mutate and decay, instead of releasing and letting go.

    When we put toxic, negative, heavy or dense substances in the many systems of the body – the result is toxic and uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, mood swings and mind states:


    It IS possible to find this balanced state of relaxed flow. It IS your birth right and your natural state is equilibrium. This will deliver you towards your perfect potential and your purpose.


    Colonic Cleanse

    A colonic cleanse retreat is all about: elimination. It is the most important factor to any great detox retreat and Breathe Detox Retreats are exceptional. Our programmes are updated regularly to include the latest cutting edge alternative nutritional education, health hacks, quick tips and most importantly – deep nourishment. Designed to help flush your entire system of old oxidative stress, toxic waste material and accumulated debris; our NEW holistic detox retreat and weight loss retreat system, encourages your body to release and let go from the inside – out. Our average guest may lose between 7-10lbs and even up to 22lbs in weight.* The result? Leave your juice detox retreat feeling cleansed and refreshed with a boosted immune system, renewed digestive system, clarity of mind, vision, inner glow and outer sparkle. *Results may vary from person to person

    Juice Cleanse

    Of course the secret to your Breathe Detox Retreat and sustained weight loss retreat, is due to the juice only colonic cleanse fasting retreat. Our detox retreat programme is less like a fasting retreat and more like a nourishing cleanse. Our “full bodied juices” are made with love, from 100% organic fruit and vegetables, and local whenever possible. Many detox retreats dilute your juice by more than 80% with water, we use the whole fruit and nothing but the fruit and a splash of distilled water to enhance absorption properties. This encourages sustainable weight loss as you feel nourished (not starved), ready, willing and able to make healthy lifestyle choices when you return home. You may lose up to and over 10lbs in weight* as you rid your body of toxic waste material. The beauty of our juice cleanse is, it provides a more sustainable weight loss than water alone, so you can continue to lose weight even after you’ve gone home.


    Your Breathe Detox Retreat is set around our daily informative discussion groups. These are an education which allow us to go deep into the art and science of health and include topics such as Why Detox, Acid/Alkaline, Nutrition and The Stress Response. These talks are designed to get us talking about health and ease (instead of illness and dis-ease) as well as inspire you back towards optimum health/wellness, the confidence in making correct lifestyle choices and of course why you want to – and need to. Included in the price of your detox retreat is a one to one consultation with your course facilitator, Holly. She will look at and talk to you about your current health picture, how and where you can make simple yet dynamic changes to enhance your sense of self and HEALTH as well as checking for any food intolerances using muscle testing if necessary.


    Another important aspect to your daily detox retreat programme is gentle exercise. We offer a daily session of gentle, restorative movement practice: yo:go, for the many benefits of bringing together body, mind, heart and spirit using breath, movement, sound, relaxation and meditation. You may choose to do both sessions or just one a day. It’s entirely up to you – as this is your healthy holiday break. You may even choose to follow your own practice, which in encouraged, though we also recommend following another lead practice, as an opportunity to drop further into your own process. We also suggest you make full use of the spa facilities: swimming pool, sauna, massage and treatments to further encourage relaxation, movement, flexibility, discipline and take these new healthy habits home with you!


    Our fundamental focus here at Breathe Detox Retreats is to soften, detox and RELAX. It is only through the process of total body/mind let-go that detoxification on ALL levels can truly occur. Accumulative stress and tension are the triggers and initial causative factors to all states of dis-ease within the body mind heart and spirit. The best way to move through this state of “holding” is to begin by allowing yourself the pleasure of full body relaxation. On your detox and weight loss retreat UK, as well as two hours of restorative movement every day and the many body treatments available for you to choose from, we also offer a morning/afternoon relaxation/meditation before and/or after your gentle stretch/movement. You will learn many new techniques to help you relax, unwind and add to your daily practice at home.


    Massage and bodywork is another principle addition to your Breathe Detox Retreat experience. Gentle restorative touch can help create flow and movement: brings blood and fresh nutrients to the muscles, bones, organs etc; moves blood and lymph which encourages toxicity to be eliminated; moves cranial sacral fluids throughout the spine to the extremities of the neural pathways; boosts digestive juices which improves digestion and assimilation; improves electrolyte activity, adding to the distribution of key minerals to aid nerve & muscle function – effectively “waking-up” a sluggish system – and much more! We also have many other Holistic Therapies and Spa Treatments available all at an additional cost and these are highly recommended to help you enjoy your Breathe Detox Retreat-health training-boot camp-experience with grace and ease.

    Presentations & Workshops

    Every day there is an opportunity to join in a self-development workshop or presentation group at Breathe Detox Retreats. This may consist of one or more of the following – Group Creative Kinesiology, Raw Food Preparation, Smoothie Making, Shamanic Journeying, Wild foods foraging, Chanting, Dance and more. These workshops are of course optional though offer you an opportunity to get a deeper insight into some of the lifestyle practices we encourage and actively embrace ourselves at Breathe Detox Retreats. Hands on learning or education is a great way to begin incorporating new healthy habits when you go home. “Life happens outside your comfort zone!”


    Only YOU can find that optimal health and create the internal environment which will express it. It’s up to you. Give yourself the gift of HEALTH today.


    Detox to de-stress your life: part one.

    These days everybody’s talking about it! Yep, STRESS is the new “buzz word”!
    But what is STRESS? What does it mean to be STRESSED? How do we hold STRESS in our bodies? And how do we “let IT go”?
    Life is FULL of STRESS.
    Everything from awkward body postures, accidents, injuries, negative thoughts or feelings and even conventional medical procedures: cut, burn, poison, are ALL stressors ON and IN the body mind heart & spirit.
    We hold stress in many different ways and throughout every system of the body:

    Musculature system
    Structural – bones & ligaments
    Organs, viscera & soft tissues
    Nutritional & bio-chemical
    Cellular etc.

    Absorption of nutrients
    Assimilation of nutrients
    Food intolerances
    Toxic substances etc.

    Thought forms
    Emotional states
    Mental attitudes
    Attitude to life
    Behaviour in the world
    Belief systems etc.

    Energy levels
    Subtle Bodies
    Auric Field etc.

    These stressors are accumulative in nature and usually begin when we are very young. Often, even during your mother’s pregnancy. For instance, if she felt any fear or anxiety when she was holding you in her womb, you may well have absorbed these panicky vibrations and with no way of releasing, began the journey of holding and accumulating stress.

    After we are born many situations may cause us to further lay down patterns of stress within the body mind heart & spirit.
    Young children are, by nature – wild. Both in their behaviour in the world and in their expression of it.

    Adults, due to civilized and societal cultural conditionings have learned how to withhold and supress our true feelings and so therefore faced with the wild abandon of a screaming child struggle to maintain our cool.

    When, as children, we first begin to experience external stressors – which are often through not having our needs met by withholding parents, usually due to unwieldy childish expressiveness; we begin to hold on to and therefore start to “lay down” the early stages of what will later become our weakened areas due to over accumulation of our reactive patterns and the stress response.

    Fight/flight: The stress response today is much more complicated than it used to be. In the wild, confronted with a life threatening situation we would either fight or run away.

    As children these two responses were often not appropriate, as our “attacker” was usually a parent, school teacher, priest etc.
    So, we may fight, flight, freeze, detach (mind and body) or tend and befriend (trying to make everything “ok”, become the pleaser or joker).
    These days our “threats” tend to be more emotional rather than physical: abandonment, rejection, betrayal, powerlessness, worthlessness, guilt and shame.

    This stress response is reactivity in the body. Meaning we don’t often stop to think about it, it just happens.
    In the wild, once the threat is gone, the animal will SHAKE to discharge the adrenaline and release the tension, therefore moving into life with a feeling of “I’m ALIVE!” As this shaking is suppressed in us, we end up carrying the stress in our muscles and soft tissues, moving into life with a feeling of “I’m dead!” (or in big trouble).

    Because we carry this tension, rather than let it go, our stress response further mutates into strange behaviours.
    These are classified as:
    Feed: over eat/under eat/control or shopping/hoarding/control
    Fornicate: overt sexualisation of self or others, sex/masturbation/porn addiction, or low libido control.
    Try this: Begin to have more awareness of when you feel threatened. What IS the actual threat? (abandonment, rejection etc) How you respond? What is the immediate reactivity? (anger, envy, sadness etc.) What are your controlled behaviours? (over eat, under eat, go shopping etc.)

    Finally, make everything about YOU: We cannot control another person’s behaviour, and I’m sure we’ve all tried. The only person you can control is yourself and the way you respond or react under stress. Start making everything that happens to you, about you, so you can begin to see clearly the role you play in the dynamic and start using your practice as a way to let go of the reactivity you hold in your body mind heart & spirit.

    Reactivity usually happens so fast, we can’t stop it in time. So the change has to occur in between the times of stress – work it out! It’s all about discipline.

    This is self-enquiry. Ask yourself questions:

    “How am I attracting this to myself?”
    “How am I creating the drama?”
    “What part am I playing in the dynamic?”

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