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    Healthy Weight Loss?

    On a healthy holiday detox retreat you can expect to lose up to and over 10lbs in excess weight (Results may vary from person to person). But is this a healthy weight loss? Many would consider this an unhealthy way to lose weight. They say this level of weight loss is too fast and the result is that the pounds will be put back on as quickly as they came off.

    However, this is a widely known myth, which I am hoping to dispel, here.

    The nature of a colon cleanse is to rid the body of excess accumulated debris, collected within the length of the large and small intestines, often over many decades. The average size of the human intestine is 26ft in length. Accumulated debris is held particularly in the first 23ft of long, windy and cramped crevices in the small intestine.

    Accumulated debris is inefficiently digested food sources, such as meat, cheese and wheat, which have become stuck along the sides of the intestinal tract, creating havoc by preventing and blocking the proper absorption of essential nutrients and effecting a smaller gap for food to move through, which can eventually result in chronic constipation, IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, Diverticulitis and even Cancer.

    Some find the use of colonics useful. However, a colonic cleanse which uses a relaxed, non-invasive approach is indeed more effectual. Powerful herbal formulas focus on purging the whole length of the colon from the inside – out. An area completely untouched by ordinary, water based, colonics.

    Harsh colonics and hydro cleansing use force to cleanse the colon which only activates the large intestine. This can cause tension, holding, discomfort, stress and even panic-attacks.

    What would you do if someone were spraying you with a force of water? Contract? Go tense? You may even feel violated. Your bowels react in much the same way.

    The method we use at Breathe Detox Retreats, informs your bowel, to move regularly 3 times a day, and through this, it re-educates your body, reminding the colon how to work efficiently. This re-introduces you to the freedom of regular movement, even after you leave.

    During a Breathe Detox retreat you can expect to lose from 6 – 18ft of this accumulated waste. This waste has weight and if you were to put it on the scales, at the end of your stay, you would understand how and why you have just lost that amount in pounds.

    This is waste and weight you are ridding your body of entirely. And assuming you continue along with a similar approach, creating healthy habits and put into practice some of the many tips and ideas we provide you with, you are guaranteed to keep the weight off and potentially lose more, if needed.

    And a colonic cleanse is about much more than losing a few pounds. As written in a previous article the colon is the seat of health in the body and first and last area to be affected when it comes to ill health. A regular healthy bowel is expected to move 3 times a day, based on the average amount we consume in our culture. For many, however, this isn’t the case. If the bowel moves once a day it’s considered “regular”. However, if we take into account that a meal takes on average 24-36hrs to move through the body, from start to finish, the average person is literally sitting on 3-5 compacted meals, held within the length of their colon, at any one time.

    As well as ridding the body of waste & excess weight and cleaning the bowels to prevent dis-ease, a colon cleanse is very much about detoxing the bodies many systems:

    • The digestive system: absorbing toxins through the thin lining of the colon wall.
    • The respiratory system: clearing the lungs to facilitate a fuller breathing capacity.
    • The lymphatic system: encouraging movement to send lymph to the appropriate nodes.
    • The cardio-vascular system: cleansing the blood of free radicals to improve circulation.
    • The urinary system: filtration, purification and elimination.
    • The nervous system: cleaning up the many branches of the CNS to improve nerve function.
    • The endocrine system: allowing an over worked system to rest & return to normal function.
    • The immune system: improving function to fight infection.


    A good detox can do all of the above as well as improving the less obvious functions such as relaxing the muscular system, tendons & ligaments, potentially softening hardened growths throughout the skeletal system and improved fertility throughout the reproductive system.

    The very nature of detoxing is about letting go. As you let go, you relax, the more you relax and the deeper you drop into a state of well being, the more your body can let go of what it’s been holding on to: toxins held at a cellular level, excess weight, physical tensions and held emotions.

    Giving yourself and/or a loved one the gift of a Breathe Detox Retreat is the gift that just keeps on giving. It is undoubtedly the best investment you can make for your long term health. www.breathedetox.com

    Adrenal Fatigue: A 21st Century Dis-ease

    The Adrenals are 2 round glands which sit above the kidneys, located just under the bottom of the ribs, about 3-4 inches apart.

    These small but perfectly formed glands play the most important role in our relationship to, our experience of and our coping mechanisms when it comes to stress.
    They produce a number of hormones essential to life, the central nervous system and in particular the fight/flight/freeze response.

    The hormones produced by the adrenals include: adrenaline, nor-adrenaline, cortisol, estrogens, testosterone, progesterone, and DHEA.

    These hormones regulate many of the bodies activities, and most relevant here, adrenaline and cortisol which, as a branch of the sympathetic autonomic nervous system, is activated in our response to any threat: stress.

    Physiologically what occurs during this activation to stressful stimuli, is an increased production of glucose or sugar in the blood which raises the blood pressure and produces an increase of energy to the extremities of the body, the muscles, which primes the system ready to run away or fight back.

    Symptoms of Low Adrenals are:

  • Extreme Tiredness/Exhaustion
  • Irritability
  • Difficulty sleeping or sleep too much
  • Poor circulation
  • Poor digestion
  • Low blood pressure
  • Low blood sugar levels (hypoglycaemic)
  • Apathy / Depression
  • Low self asteem
  • Low stamina
  • Low sex drive
  • Muscle weakness
  • Joint aches & pains
  • Tendency to constipation
  • Low immune response to fight infection
  • Extreme thirst and / or urination
  • And more

  • The main causes for Adrenal Fatigue can be:

    Excessive Stress: High levels of any number of recurring stressors can have a depleting effect on our adrenal glands. Physical stress from chemical toxicity and pollutants, especially when coupled with poor nutrition, has a physically depleting effect on the adrenals. As well as mental, emotional or spiritual stress which may come from family, relationships or work related issues. Excessive stimulation, especially for children, working too hard and fast-paced, fear-based, high-stress lifestyles are also common causes. Other stressors, especially living in cities, can be noise, mobile phones, electromagnetic pollution, microwaves, televisions, and computers which all give off strong electrical fields and disrupt our own natural electromagnetic field.

    Nutritional Deficiencies: Another common cause is poor nutrition. The body requires far greater levels of adequate nutrition when under high levels of stress. A diet high in carbohydrates and low in protein can have a very depleting effect on already over worked adrenal glands. Most diets are deficient in foods which nourish the adrenals. These include B-complex vitamins, vitamin A, C & E, manganese, zinc, chromium, selenium and other trace minerals. The growing of foods, preparation and transportation all add to the level of nutrition our foods hold. Most soil is depleted of essential trace minerals and further processing and refinement of foods leaves our food at an all time low, nutritionally.

    Stimulants: Stimulants are sited as one of the main causes to damage adrenal glands. Coffee, sugar and alcohol are among the most common stimulants which literally “whip” the adrenals of their vital hormonal activity. Legal and recreational drugs or stimulants also play a part in forcing our adrenals to over-perform at inappropriate times both day and night. Other over-stimulating behaviours such as anger, rage, arguing, worrying, loud music, and even movies with high levels of suspense or fear can affect over-worked adrenals negatively. In fact, any “thrilling” activity from over exerting exercise to sex addiction, which creates a temporary “high”, can force the adrenals to over-produce and secret hormones when they should be resting. Over time this weakens the adrenal glands and leads to fatigue and eventually burnout.

    Stimulant use can also be as a result of adrenal burn-out: Stimulants often look very appealing to those who are in a state of adrenal burnout already. These stimulants act to lift a person in a state of burnout for a short amount of time, allowing them to feel better temporarily. This is what adds to addictive behaviours and why often it can be so difficult to break these habits. It is safe to say that most people with an addiction to anything including cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana, sex, anger and legal or recreational drugs has some level of adrenal insufficiency.

    Other causes can be:

    Toxic or Chemical Overload

    Chronic Infections

    An unhealthy response to stress

    If you think you are suffering from any or all of the above, then you might like to know what you can do to improve on this depleted state.
    The first and best step in to start with a detoxification process.
    A simple yang based diet (70 – 80% cooked veg, 15% protein, 7-8% complex carbs, 5% good fats. 0% simple carbs – fruits, fruit juices, sugar, 0% wheat products, 0% refined/fast food)
    6 or 7 mineral supplements. You may consider hair mineral analysis.
    Lots of rest
    Regular relaxation and meditation daily.
    Shifts in your mental attitude: forgiveness, letting go, positive attitude, gratitude, spirituality and prayer all speed up the healing greatly.

    Here at Breathe Detox Retreats UK, we can help. It is important to detox and let go of old patterns and habitual behaviours. We encourage you to add a regular relaxation and meditation technique to your daily practice as well as having more detailed information about lifestyle do’s and don’ts.

    Call us today on 0845 548 0034, to find your path back on the road to health and optimum wellness.

    Love Yourself to Life!


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