Daily Talks – Breathe Detox

Here at Breathe Detox Retreat and Spa, every day we gather as a group to discuss the fine art of health and wellness.

We do not want to blind you with science or bore you with the do’s and don’ts of diet, when most of us know what is and isn’t good for us already. We choose to give our informative talks in bite sized chunks so that it may be easily assimilated.

We take what we have learned over the past 20 years, of hands on experience, and we give you ideas of how to create, sustain and maintain optimum health. We deliver our informative talks as succinctly and simply as possible, with passion and flare, so you leave feeling inspired and with an innate understanding and full body knowledge.

Because we want you to feel supported in moving forward you will also leave us with a 30 Day Optimum Health & Wellness Programme. This has a written overview of everything we’ve covered on your detox retreat and what to do next to continue on your journey to optimum health after you leave.


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