Breathe Detox Retreats 2015

Breathe Detox Retreats have a put together a spring detox programme to re-energise your system and put a bounce back in your step. Using a combination of healthy juice fasting, yoga, meditation, movement and excercise, to help you unwind and feel more alive. Utilise the luxury heated swimming pool, steam room and sauna and choose craniosacral hydro-therapy. We have it all to offer, with our team on hand to inspire you back to health, wellness and a state of optimal ease for 2015.

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Breathe Detox Retreats in Spain 2015. Call 0845 548 0034

Next Detox Retreat May 17th-22nd

  • Relax, Unwind, Rest, Energise and Feel Alive! 
  • Holistic Therapies, Yoga and Meditations, Group Discussions.
  • Find out about the physiology of stress and how we hold it. 
  • Enjoy luxury five star accommodation and countryside location.
  • Meet friends and lose weight in a communal atmostphere.

5 Night Retreats 2015

April 19th – 24th
15 Places

May 17th – 22nd
15 Places

June 21st – 26th
15 Places

” I have given it some time before writing this review to let the euphoria calm down. A top rate programme carried out by first class staff in 5 star accommodation. A real team effort looking after those brought together for the main benefits of health & well being”.       Stayed February 2015


The Programme


Arriving on the Sunday evening and leaving on Friday morning, our 5 night Breathe Detox Retreat is exactly right for you. Not too long and not too short, the Breathe Detox Retreat experience is just right and our unique programme and formula is a cut above the rest. This is why we get the best results in a shorter frame of time.

Our 5 night programme is designed to help you rest, relax, de-stress, detox your body, lose weight, feel great and empower yourself to making healthy lifestyle choices. Whether you want to kick start a healthier lifestyle or just take a break from your existing one, we can offer you exactly the time and space you need to unwind a tired body, mind, heart and spirit.


Included in the 5 night price:

  • 4/5 delicious fruit & veg juices and 1 broth a day
  • Detox herbs and supplements
  • Daily yoga session and NEW "Yogo" Flowing Sessions
  • Morning & evening meditation
  • Daily talk/discussion groups
  • Presentations & Workshops
  • Food Intolerance Testing
  • Nutritional Consultation
  • 5 star luxury accommodation
  • Use of Spa facilities
  • Indoor heated pool & Jacuzzi
  • Sauna and Steam rooms
  • Final day break-fast
  • Experienced friendly team


21st Century Life Style is full of Toxicity,

malnutrition, electromagnetic disruptions and stress. All contributing towards feelings of accumulative states of dis-ease, such as  depression, low self esteem, fatigue, addictions, anxiety and fear.

At times it is necessary to stop, empty ourselves and re-set the bodies system.

When we detox and let go we get a clear sense of our bodies basic requirements and can give ourselves pure nourishment and sustanance.

In return we can enjoy abundant energry levels, clarity, focus, clear skin, clean bowels, bright eyes, and optimal ease.

"Wonderful Experience"
Reviewed 25 November 2013
Holly and her team are warm, caring, knowledgeable and willing to share their experiences and wisdom all day. I arrived with bad hip ache and a diagnosis of osteoarthritis. By the time I left I had no pain at all. I am recommending all my friends and family to try Breathe Detox.

5 Night Retreat

Room Type Shared Couples Single Person
Double en suite twin £750 pp £750 pp £1295 
Luxury en suite shower £895 pp £895 pp £1395 
Master double en suite £995 pp £995 pp £1495 

"Wonderful Week"
Reviewed 3 days ago NEW
I absolutely loved my week away at Breathe. The location is breathtakingly beautiful and peaceful. The lodges were so restful and calming and the main hotel was pure Downton Abbey. We went to the stunning pool and sauna/steam every night as well as daily walks in the beautiful grounds. They all maximised out detox experiennce. Stayed January 2015

3 Night Retreat

Room Type Shared Couples Single Person
Double en suite twin £495pp £495 pp £695 
 Single en suite £450 pp £450 pp £695 
Master double en suite £550 pp £550 pp £795


To find out more about our Detox Retreats view our Testimonial videos.





Our healthy weight-loss detox program is designed to help you lose weight FAST. The benefits of the method we use at Breathe Detox Retreats informs your bowel to move regularly 3 times a day, and through this it re-educates your body, reminding the colon how to work efficiently. This re-introduces you to the freedom of regular movement, even after you leave. This is waste and weight that you are ridding your body of entirely. And assuming you continue along with a similar approach, creating healthy habits, and put into practice some of the many tips and ideas we provide you with, you are guaranteed to keep the weight off and potentially lose more, if needed.. Read more here


Our exclusive '30 Day Optimum Wellness Handbook' contains much of the information you receive whilst on your detox retreat. This invaluable guide benefits you to continue to de-stress, detox and lose weight supporting you in your first 30 days and beyond.

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