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    Leave our Detox Retreat feeling lighter refreshed and full of energy

    INVEST IN YOUR HEALTH – The most important investment you’ll ever make.

    What makes Breathe Detox Retreats so unique?

    On your Breathe Detox retreat you will of course receive all the usual Nutritional advice and cutting edge alternative health news and reviews – but what makes a Breathe Detox retreat different?

    Change? It ALL starts with YOU!

    Here at Breathe Detox retreats, our main focus is: STRESS.

    These days everybody’s talking about it! Yep, STRESS is the new “buzz word”!

    But what is STRESS? What does it mean to be STRESSED? How do we hold STRESS in our bodies? And how do we “let IT go”?

    So, what do we know about STRESS?

    The nature of STRESS is accumulative degeneration.

    First the CELL. Then a group of CELLS. Then a collection of CELLS which make up a part or (eventually) the whole of an organ, system or function – is affected by this accumulative stress.

    Eventually the result is reactive stress patterns which the host has little or no control over, and the body mind heart spirit begins behaving in usual and often “sick” or unhealthy ways.

    The Result? An accelerated aging process.

    Accelerated aging can be anything from the skin not looking and feeling toned and well hydrated; to deeper hidden dehydration of the lungs, gut, heart and brain function.

    These are 4 of the main organs and glands which are victim to the accumulative nature of stress: oxidative stress & toxicity, unexpressed emotions & reactivity, postural misalignment & overt mental activity, are all contributing factors to a body buckling under gravity’s pressure.

    Detox IS letting go.

    So, Holly has developed a whole new programme designed to help YOU relax, let go, detox and de-stress.

    Her NEW therapy is based on the science of stress: how we HOLD it, how we ACCUMULATE it and how it turns into DIS-EASE throughout the body mind heart spirit.

    She explains in simple terms about the nature of stress, what it means to release it and how to “let go”.

    In 3 easy steps and 21 days, Holly believes it is possible to completely CHANGE your body, your life and your sense of self.

    Step One – Soften | Relax | Detox

    The first step is easy: soften and relax allowing the body to release and let go.

    The health/stress picture is complicated.

    Stress is held within us on many different levels including (but not exclusive to) the physical, structural, cellular and biochemical.

    The very nature of DETOX is letting go – softening and opening the structure of the cells, to release free radicals, hydrate and oxygenate.

    Relax, Retreat, Rest & Rejuvenate

    When we relax, let go, retreat, rest and rejuvenate – our bodies naturally begin to detoxify and eliminate – not only toxins but also negative thoughts & feelings as well as physical stress & tension.

    Everyone has a range of addictions and dependencies which hold you back and keep you STUCK.

    In excess these toxins are like poison in the body mind heart spirit and create havoc. Everything from pain and inflammation to mood swings and low self-esteem are all after effects of a biochemical war fare on the body.

    Breathe Detox IS Anti-Aging:

    In the last 5 years, we’ve learned MORE about the health the the human body, than EVER before.

    Now, for the first time, we are finally realising what is takes to truly NOURISH the body mind heart spirit.

    When we accumulate nourishing chi (energy) v/s depleting chi (energy) with damaging substances – something amazing happens. We no longer feel “sick and tired”.

    We feel vibrant, alive and energized. Full of clarity, purpose and passion.

    Cellular Regeneration

    The human potential is far far greater than most people can so far imagine. And there really is only one way to experience it in your lifetime – experiment with yourself. Cellular regeneration is a reality and this is anti-aging the natural way.

    Invest in your SELF. Invest in your HEALTH.

    Pure nature IS true science.


    “For me optimum health HAS to be easy. In the 20 years I have spent as a Holistic Therapist I have deduced it down to one simple equation: movement = wellness & ease | stagnation = illness & dis-ease.” Holly E. Mullin


    To create CHANGE outside yourself, ALL you need to do is: create change INSIDE yourself.

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    Everyone has a range of addictions and dependencies. Some are worse than others, but they all hold you back from creating and maintaining your optimal health and wellness.
    Low vibrational frequencies such as:


    Dis-ease is everything from inflammation and physical pain to mood swings and low self-esteem are the side-effects of acidic substances, density and hardening down in the soft tissue of the body along with gravities pull.

    In excess these substances, constrictions, addictions and acids are like poison to the body mind heart spirit and create havoc on many different levels, creating further stress and tension such as:

    Fat & cholesterol build-up
    Nutritional intolerances
    Structural imbalance
    Muscular aches
    Cellular toxicity
    Visceral pain
    Low Energy

    Acidic thoughts and feelings – left unexpressed can also have a toxic effect on the physical body, creating further erosion and corrosion causing healthy cells to mutate and decay, instead of releasing and letting go.

    When we put toxic, negative, heavy or dense substances in the many systems of the body – the result is toxic and uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, mood swings and mind states:


    It IS possible to find this balanced state of relaxed flow. It IS your birth right and your natural state is equilibrium. This will deliver you towards your perfect potential and your purpose.

    Only YOU can find that optimal health and create the internal environment which will express it. It’s up to you. Give yourself the gift of HEALTH today.

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